Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Cafe de BonBon - Bucheon

This is a brand new board game cafe located in Bucheon. Bucheon is on line 1 (dark blue) of the Seoul subway system.

They are very new so organised play doesn't seem to be set up yet but the owner seems keen.
Organised play isn't that important because you will be pleased to know that they pass the hammer test*.

They are open from 2:00 pm to Midnight, hours which are unsurprising in both Korean and gaming culture.
Their Korean address is 원미구 부일로 483번길 15 2층, Bucheon 420-822

They also have a facebook page, I strongly recomend it for people who are fans of fluffy dogs.

On a serious note they look to have a lot of enthusiasm and if I lived closer to Bucheon I would be really keen to support this store. Their advertising was really cool compared to a lot of Korean magic stores who announce themselves quite dryly and with a minimalist touch to providing information.

*They have a plastic hammer available for assaulting your friends and loved ones with.

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