Monday, 23 November 2020

I'm out

 Well that's a wrap for my time in Korea, I'm catching a flight back to Australia tommorow (fingers crossed) and if this blog ever gets another update it will most likely be a link to a better resource that I found.

Friday, 24 April 2020

Ikoria hits Korea

There is surely a great bid of word play possible with Ikoria and Korea but after 7 weeks of social distancing my brain is only willing to pick the lowest of low fruit.

Korea was one of the few places to actually have a physical pre release for Ikoria but I didn't attend.

I have played the set a lot though thanks to MTG Arena and Coronavirus.
Thanks to a now fixed bug that meant pairings were always done on record with no regard to rank I spent a lot of time beating up on less experienced players. 

I made it to Mythic before Wizards pushed out an update that fixed the matchmaking. The nature of ranked is that once you find your level you should be winning around 50% of your games. If you are free to play like me that's not sustainable unless you can make up for it in constructed (shudders). So I have now witched to the best of three traditional queue where I seem to always go 2-1.

Monday, 16 March 2020

Master List 2020

Time to update the master list. It's significantly shorter as I didn't use as many sources but I'm pretty sure most of these actually exist. 


Dalmuti - Gyeodae 

Hobby Game Mall - Bucheon

Laughing Goblin - Mapo

Dice Latte - Dongdaemun

About TCG - Guro Digital Complex

Board Game Cafe Tycoon - Namgu

Hobby Game Mall - Bucheon

K MTG - Goyang

Tek Magic - Mapo

The Rest of Korea
There has to be more than these right?

This update brought to you by unexpected free time thanks to Coronovirus.

Places to Play Jay's Computer and Hobby Mart - Anjungri

Jay's Computer and Hobby Mart - Anjungri

This is a store located near but outside the Camp Humphreys military base. The store is accessible to everyone but I didn't see space for tournaments and it appears they run prereleases inside the base. In which case you have to be a member of the US military or know someone who can sign you in.

Play Lab - Cheonan

PlayLab / 플레이랩Address: 충청남도 천안시 서북구 부성1길 28-12 28-12 Buseong 1-gil Seobuk-gu Cheon'an-si, 44 31100 Korea, Republic of
Phone 010-7751-1951

Commander Zone

Address: G24, Keunumul-ro 76 Mapo-gu Seoul, 11 04167

Phone Number: 82-10-3125-1862

Monday, 20 July 2015

Shopping updates

Red Dice is a store that I have never been to but is popular with the Seoul EDH crew.

It was brought to my attention that they now have an online store
It doesn't look like it has anything the other online stores in Korea don't have but it's nice to have options and gives a good example of what to expect when you visit there.

Playfirst have rebranded their website and look much more foreigner friendly. They ship overseas and the English components on their website actually work so this will probably become the website I recommend by default to people overseas.

The coolest thing I found on their site was a Korean Black Bordered Shivan Dragon from 4th edition for $37.