Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Places to Play - About TCG

 About TCG is located near Sinpung station on line 7.

They have some pictures of Jace in their store and t
heir website address is http://abouttcg.com

That is pretty much all I know about them.

Contact Details
Phone number: 070-7578-2679
Email address: eliyas@nate.com
Korean Street address: 서울특별시 영등포구 대림동 909-40 지하

* I have not been to this store and this info comes from online sources only.


  1. They have outragedly priced power pieces here and the majority of ftvs available at 140000₩

    Also they charge more for non foil chase rares in korean 30% mark up on geist for example.

  2. Cheers

    They also have a lot of judge foils listed on their online store.

    The 30% mark up sounds weird if it is not across the board on all their singles.